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Thai rice prices are likely to be more close to the people



In order to reduce the backlog of rice, a few days ago the Thai government decided from July onwards for 3 consecutive months, sales of 4,000,000 stock -500 ten thousand tons of rice this year, total sales of 850 million tons. This also means that the next period of time has been superior retail price of Thai rice will likely become close to the people, and may affect the domestic high-end price of rice.

Thai rice, Thai rice has been especially high-end domestic rice protagonist. Zhuo record information agriculture analyst said that the current Thai government has set a base price of rice stocks sold $ 500 / t, the specific price can be flexible according to market changes. "This large number of sales backlog of Thailand rice stocks, is bound to reduce the export price of Thai rice, Thai rice export volume increased, so that Thailand could regain the title of the country s largest exporter of rice (2012 exports lost to India and Vietnam)."

Indeed, the recent Thai rice export price has declined. These two days, Thai rice export price of 538 U.S. dollars / ton (more than in June fell by $ 29 / t), converted into RMB 3299 yuan / ton, equivalent to 1.65 yuan / kg. "Plus shipping costs and tariffs, Thai rice arrived in Guangzhou market price, and the northeast of rice arrived in Guangzhou after almost the same price." Hangzhou, a grain operation for many years Mr. Chen said.

Previously, Thailand has been the world s largest rice exporter, Thai rice prices on the international price of rice has the initiative. For example in June 2011, a substantial increase in rice price in Thailand after the Thai rice in China has significantly increased the retail price, while the northeast end of rice as the representative of the domestic price of rice along with the rise slightly.

According to Hangzhou grain wholesale market statistics show that in early June 2011, the market price of Thai rice is 9.6 yuan / kg, to late June, the price rose to 11 yuan / kg, rose again in early July to 12 yuan / kg, a month in Hangzhou, Thai rice prices rose by 25%. During the same period, rice prices also rose slightly Northeast: Northeast pellets of rice from 4.6 yuan / kg up to 4.7 yuan / kg, northeast from 4.9 yuan fragrant long grain / kg up to 5 yuan / kg.

Grain and oil wholesale market in Hangzhou, the current wholesale price of Thai rice was 12.6 yuan / kg, the wholesale price of rice flower northeast of 9 yuan / kg. In contrast, the Northeast and long grain fragrant rice pellets price advantage is more obvious, namely, 5.7 yuan / kg, and 4.8 yuan / kg.

"If the Thai rice export prices fell markedly, northeast of rice advantages will become smaller, and will lead to high-end domestic rice prices down." Hangzhou, one industry source said that in recent years, foreign rice price changes on the domestic rice market effect is very obvious. Such as Vietnamese rice export prices lowered again, the direct impact on the domestic rice market in late indica rice prices low, compared to last year, the domestic prices up late indica rice have fallen about 10%.

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