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May 2013, "Wall Street Journal" in the report predicted that if the rice in China cadmium
pollution problems persist, then the Asian rice exporter in China will continue to significantly
increase sales.

For these neighboring Southeast Asian countries of China, China s rice imports is a particularly important opportunity.However, imported rice in the domestic problems encountered, might become annoying obstacles.

Among the many imported Chinese rice production in Southeast Asia, Thailand and Viet Nanmi rice is one of the two best, they were occupied China s total rice imports second and third place (first in India).

According to Thailand, "Bangkok Post" reported that in the past two years, a lot of Chinese rice importers in order to maintain profits, would Thai rice mixed with cheap rice, the rice blended rate generally 8:2 or 7:3, this 100-200 dollars per ton will be cheaper.

Hung in Beijing and Shantou in rice wholesale and retail work, he said, and now authentic Thai rice prices were too high, the majority of Chinese rice importers have had to go where cheap rice mixed with other species.

"It is difficult for me to find something in the store 100% pure Thai rice, because most of them already are mixed and many restaurants have already started using hybrid rice or more Nanmi, because so cheap, but with Thai rice taste little difference. "73-year-old housewife Mrs. Fang said.

According to the Thai consulate, the current domestic authentic Thai rice in the original product packaging must meet five conditions: first, there must be by the Thai Ministry of Commerce Waimao Ting is registered with three golden wheat painted green circle logo.Authorization of the trademark by the Thai government, of course, consumers need to pay special attention to this icon is printed up in packaging or pasted; secondly, must also be marked on the package origin "Thailand"; Third, the rice should not be lower purity at 92%; fourth, bags have a barcode on the 885 at the beginning of Thai exports of goods code; Fifth, the original packaging must be marked "five states test (Thailand) Co., Ltd." message.

Thai rice appearance standards are: Full grain average length of not less than 7mm, an average aspect ratio of not less than 3.2:1, no chalky rice.

Thai rice prices are high in the case of many Chinese consumers and businesses have begun to buying rice from Vietnam.Vietnamese rice with Thai rice has a similar rice cakes, but the price is much lower than the Chinese-made indica rice cheaper.

Vietnam currently imports into the domestic market than the domestic price of rice per kilogram of rice prices on the same type of cheap 400 yuan; According to the Thai Rice Exporters Association data, the current Thai rice is quoted at $ 1,231 per tonne, while the price of the more Nanmi compared with 850-950 dollars.Price advantage is obvious.

Because they are inexpensive, many more Nanmi in the past often been used as blending of raw materials, doped into other rice sales.In recent years, this situation has improved secretive, some quality Vietnamese rice also "openly" to enter into the stores.

"I am here to sell about 1,000 tons a month (rice), but recently enough goods to sell, if you have the goods, they can definitely sell more." Xiaojing Li Dongguan Hung Ken Main imports of grain Vietnamese rice, when he interviewed said.

His company imports rice are generally sold in the form of wholesale local food (market area) Plant, selling rice merchants and factories.Recently the Vietnamese side as though imported rice prices rose, but still very popular.

But for the import of Vietnamese rice, Xiaojing Li said that in addition to the normal procedures for handling outside the business temporarily not heard what to do certification. "Perhaps because cheap because of it."


  The FAO Rice Price Update - Sep 2020 White Rice Price ($/MT) Parboiled Rice Price ($/MT) Thailand 5% broken 463 Thailand parboiled 100% stxd 469 Vietnam 5% broken 493-497 Pakistan 5% broken 408
28 ต.ค. 2563
HOM MALI NAMED BEST RICE IN WORLD Thai Hom Mali Rice was named the world’s best rice at the 2017 World Rice Conference held in Macau, The second-place award went to Cambodia’s fragrant ric
28 ต.ค. 2563
Chiang Mai University research team successfully creates new rice breeds using ion beams
28 ต.ค. 2563
Strong baht, low production pull down Thai rice exports
28 ต.ค. 2563
The government is scheduled to put up almost 400,000 tonnes of its rice stocks for the fourth auction on Dec 22. On hand will be mainly broken rice, which is believed to be in strong demand. ...
15 ธ.ค. 2557
The Ministry of Commerce is proposing to the Cabinet to sell stockpiled rice to nations in Africa and the Middle East. ..
11 ธ.ค. 2557
The Commerce Ministry plans to accelerate the sale of 17 million tonnes of stockpiled rice and recapture the Thai Hom Mali rice market in Hong Kong by next year. ...
8 ธ.ค. 2557
A new roadmap will be submitted to the National Rice Policy Committee soon to facilitate and accelerate the disposal of the government\'s rice stocks. ...
8 ธ.ค. 2557
    In order to reduce the backlog of rice, a few days ago the Thai government decided from July onwards for 3 consecutive months, sales of 4,000,000 stock -500 ten thousand tons of rice thi
18 ธ.ค. 2557

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